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No Hope

“We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain.” Hebrews 6:19

Recently I was told, “you have no choice but to seek help, you’ve hit rock bottom.” Those words keep playing over and over in my head, because it seems like there is no hope for me. As much as I am frustrated they said that, I think maybe they’re right. See it’s not that I fell into the pit of hell and now I’m begging to be pulled out; it’s more like cleansing. When you juice and clean out your internal system most people tend to break out on their skin because all the toxins in their body are being removed. The toxins have to exit one way or another. Well, God started revealing some habits, patterns and strongholds in my life that led me to very poor decisions and they need to be cleansed out.

Two weeks ago I decided to give everything up.  I decided to let go of what I thought was right and surrendered it all to God. I prayed a simple prayer, “God please disclose where I fall short,” and let’s just say He is not holding back. As I have been going through a spiritual cleanse all the toxins are being brought to surface. The light is exposing how truly dysfunctional my living situation is. I have definitely hit rock bottom because the further I go in Christ the deeper He digs.

Perhaps this is why God chose the anchor to represent hope. An anchor keeps a ship from drifting at night and keeps if from being tossed and turned by the waves. That is a powerful image of God’s assurance in our lives. No matter what the waves or storms look like we are anchored. Both in the storm or in the still of the night the ship needs an anchor and we are anchored to His peace. We are anchored to His love. We are anchored to His truth and we are anchored to His presence.

As I was painting the child carrying the anchor and having those words repeat over and over in my head I came to another realization about an anchor. The anchor too must hit rock bottom in order to keep the ship from wavering back and forth. The anchor can only function as an anchor if it is at the abyss of the ocean. Perhaps this too is another powerful image as to why God chose the anchor as the symbol for hope. How often do we cry out to God when we are at rock bottom? And to think hope is found there too.

I am absolutely convinced that God wants to hit the rock bottom of our hearts. He wants us to empty ourselves out so much that His anchor is the only hope we have. Because if He genuinely anchors His spirit in our lives then the hope we cling on to is not tossed and turned. The life we live is grounded in everything He is.

So in this spiritual, emotional and intellectual cleanse I am going through I am finding God more and more at my rock bottom. I am holding on to the hope He has promised. Maybe today you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom as well, I want to encourage you that just like my life, God’s anchor is buried in the abyss with you, being your foundation for hope.

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