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Jesus Take the Wheel

“Jesus take the wheel’ is much easier in karaoke than in practice. Unless, of course, the ‘wheel’ we’re referring to is a flat tire. It usually is. It’s preferable that he rides shotgun, a co-pilot and stand-by, just in case we need Him.” Caleb Seifu hit the nail on the head when he said this in his book, Comfortable Christianity.

But what if that wasn’t the only time we ask Jesus to take the wheel, like the wheel of a remote control car, you know the one we are still controlling? At least in this case Jesus is on the driver side-only giving the illusion that He is in control.

It has occurred to me that when I say, “Jesus guide me, be the lamp unto my feet,” I’m really not asking for his guidance as much as I am asking for clarity in my own path. I want him to choose between option A or option B, which I so wisely thought up. His input is merely just confirmation for my already decided mind.

Recently, last few weeks recent, due to the poor health and high stress I have been debating between moving to another state and starting over or remaining in Los Angeles. Well, every time I prayed about it I wanted God to give me the okay for one of the two options. If completely honest, I wanted the okay from God to leave. I created a three page document with pros and cons, I prayed and fasted for clarity, I asked wise counsel, but regardless of their input my heart was set in one direction. My voice cried out “JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL OF MY LIFE” but my actions didn’t let go of the remote.  

Furthermore, I became more aware that I easily hand off the control to God in certain areas; my art, my service, my studies…..but in other areas I’m not so quick to let go; my finances and my relationships…Well if you haven’t guessed it by now, these were the exact areas God wanted to focus on.

Throughout my decision making, whether to leave or stay, God convicted me of the things I am holding onto, because those things are truly what control me rather than His love. Taking it one step further what I was holding onto was a direct result of fear; fear of loneliness and rejection. My driving force was not Jesus at the wheel, it was years of insecurities and strongholds, which in turn poorly constructed habits. My habits created a pattern when coping with trials and conflict-run, run as fast and far as you can. After all, leaving behind anything negative is much easier than confronting it. Without knowing it my life was about to take a wrong turn again.

Thankfully God didn’t ‘take the wheel’ and simply confirm my own selfish broken desires. He worked on the engine, He showed me the reason I wouldn’t travel far. He helped me understand how the evidence of habits is like a check engine light, the light in itself doesn’t show you exactly what is wrong with the car, but if ignored then you will no longer have a functioning vehicle. Ignoring my habits may not be the end of the world but it will soon end my world.

Perhaps next time we say “Jesus take the wheel” we can upgrade from a remote control car to giving him the keys to our hearts, giving him full control of our lives.

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